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Sub Inspector Job 2023. The Sub Inspector Job 2023 recruitment advertisements have been recently announced, welcoming applications from qualified males and females for various positions in the Health Department and Mines & Mineral Development Department. Administered by the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC), this provincial body is responsible for hiring government personnel and bureaucrats within the Sindh government in Pakistan.

SPSC, being an equal opportunity agency, is committed to transparency in all its practices, aiming to earn and maintain the trust of the province’s people. The commission meticulously handles the sensitivities associated with its responsibilities, always striving to uphold its reputation and align its practices with the best interests of society.

In Pakistan’s parliamentary democracy, the primary responsibility for managing the administration lies with the elected representatives and the ministers. However, it is not feasible for a handful of ministers to handle the diverse challenges of modern administration individually. Therefore, ministers formulate policies, and it is the government employees who implement these policies, ensuring the smooth functioning of the government machinery.

The recent SPSC Jobs Advertisement has unveiled job opportunities for various positions, including Pharmacist (BS-17), Junior Inspector of Mines (BPS-17), Medical Inspector (BPS-17), Environmental Inspector (BPS-17), Prosecuting (BPS-16), Computer Programmer (BPS-16), Assistant (BPS-16), Sub-Inspector, and Assistant Sub-Inspector.

Candidates possessing qualifications such as M Pharmacy BS, Bachelor’s Degrees, BE, graduate, and Master’s Degrees are eligible to apply for these positions. It is crucial for applicants to carefully review the advertisement to understand the specific eligibility criteria, including qualification and experience requirements, details about reserved quotas, application submission procedures, age limits, and other relevant terms and conditions.

Additionally, interested candidates are encouraged to refer to the advertisement for comprehensive information to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications and criteria before applying for the positions.

سندھ پبلک سروس کمیشن نوکریاں 2023 اشتہار نمبر آٹھ/2023 اہل مرد اور خواتین دونوں سے درخواستیں طلب کر رہا ہے۔ سندھ پبلک سروس کمیشن نے محکمہ صحت اور مائنز اینڈ منرل ڈیولپمنٹ میں اسامیاں کھول دی ہیں۔

سندھ پبلک سروس کمیشن پاکستان میں سندھ حکومت کا ایک صوبائی آجر ہے جو سندھ حکام کے اندر حکام کے اہلکاروں اور بیوروکریٹس کو بھرتی کرنے کا ذمہ دار ہے۔

سندھ پبلک سروس کمیشن ایک یکساں امکانی ادارہ ہے اور صوبے کے عوام کا اعتماد برقرار رکھنے کے لیے اپنے تمام طریقوں میں واضح ہونا چاہتا ہے۔ یہ اپنی ذمہ داریوں سے وابستہ حساسیت کا مناسب خیال رکھتا ہے اور مسلسل مرکزی دھارے کے شاندار پہلو پر رہتا ہے۔

پاکستان کی پارلیمانی جمہوریت میں سیر کے لیے جانے کی باقی ذمہ داری انسانوں کے منتخب نمائندوں، وزراء پر عائد ہوتی ہے۔ لیکن مٹھی بھر وزراء سے میری نظر میں جدید انتظامیہ کے بے شمار مسائل سے نمٹنے کی توقع نہیں کی جا سکتی۔ اس طرح وزراء اس کوریج کو تشکیل دیتے ہیں جسے سرکاری ملازمین نافذ کرتے ہیں۔

ایس پی ایس سی نوکریوں کے اشتہار نے فارماسسٹ (-17)، جونیئر انسپکٹر آف مائنز (17)، میڈیکل انسپکٹر (17)، انوائرمینٹل انسپکٹر (17)، پراسیکیوٹنگ (16)، کمپیوٹر پروگرامر (سولہ)، اسسٹنٹ (سولہ)، سب کی آسامیوں کا اعلان کیا ہے۔ -انسپکٹر، اور اسسٹنٹ سب انسپکٹر۔

ایم فارمیسی بی ایس، بیچلر ڈگری، بی ای، گریجویٹ، اور ماسٹر ڈگری کی اہلیت کے حامل درخواست دہندگان بھی ان امکانات کا مشاہدہ کر سکتے ہیں۔ انہیں تجارتی سے الگ الگ اہلیت کے معیارات حاصل کرنے چاہئیں۔

اہلیت اور تجربے کے معیارات، مخصوص کوٹے کے بارے میں تفصیلات، سافٹ ویئر جمع کرانے کی تکنیک، عمر کی حد، اور دیگر متعلقہ شرائط و ضوابط کی مکمل معلومات کے لیے اشتہار کا جائزہ لینا چاہیے۔

Lahore Region  206 Posts Including 31 for Women & 10 for Minority
Shaikhupura Region  23 Posts Including 3 for Women & 2 for Minority
Gujranwala Region  107 Posts Including 17 for Women & 5 for Minority
Rawalpindi Region  144 Posts Including 21 for Women & 07 for Minority
Sargodha Region  55 Posts Including 08 for Women & 02 for Minority
Faisalabad Region  110 Posts Including 17 for Women & 05 for Minority
Sahiwal Region  25 Posts Including 04 for Women & 1 for Minority
Multan Region  63 Posts Including 10 for Women & 03 for Minority
Bahawalpur Region  68 Posts Including 11 for Women & 3 for Minority
DG Khan Region  38 Posts Including 06 for Women & 1 for Minority

Sub Inspector Punjab Police Jobs Eligibility Criteria 2023

Posted on:

  • 01-10-2023


  • Intermediate, Bachelor, Graduation, BS

Last Date:

  • 20-10-2023


  • 96


  • Sindh Public Service Commission – SPSC


  • Sindh Public Service Commission, SPSC, Thandi Sarak, Hyderabad

Vacant Positions:

  • Assistant (BPS-16)
  • Assistant Sub Inspector
  • Computer Programmer (BPS-16)
  • Environmental Inspector (BPS-17)
  • Junior Inspector of Mines (BPS-17)
  • Medical Inspector (BPS-17)
  • Pharmacist (BS-17)
  • Prosecuting (BPS-16)
  • Sub Inspector

How to Apply for Sub Inspector Job 2023?

Desired and certified folks can go to the SPSC website Click Here and create a non-public account.

After growing an account, applicants can also ship online applications by way of filling within the required fields for the favored put up.

Candidates must also pay the software processing charge.

Candidates running in government institutes observe via proper channels.

The last date to submit of utility is 20 October 2023.

To download the commercial or post online applications Here.

Candidates who want to get the eligibility criteria for these vacancies should visit the Official website Visit Here.

Desired applicants may also Apply Online on the suggested link.

There is no way that TA or DA will be allowed.

Any application received after the last date will not be entertained.







  1. What is the recruitment process for Sub Inspector Job 2023?
    • The recruitment process for Sub Inspector Job 2023 involves several stages, including application submission, written exams, physical tests, interviews, and medical examinations.
  2. What are the eligibility criteria for Sub Inspector Job 2023?
    • The eligibility criteria typically include educational qualifications, age limits, physical standards, and sometimes experience requirements. Detailed information can be found in the official job advertisement.
  3. How can I apply for Sub Inspector Job 2023?
    • To apply for Sub Inspector Job 2023, candidates need to follow the application procedure outlined in the official advertisement. This usually involves online application submission through the official website of the recruiting authority.
  4. What documents are required for the application process?
    • Applicants usually need to submit copies of their educational certificates, identity documents, photographs, and other relevant certificates as specified in the job advertisement.
  5. What is the selection criteria for the Sub Inspector Job 2023?
    • The selection criteria include performance in written exams, physical tests, interviews, and medical examinations. Candidates are selected based on merit and their ability to meet the specified criteria.
  6. Are there any reserved quotas for specific categories?
    • Yes, most recruitment drives have reserved quotas for various categories such as minorities, women, and differently-abled individuals. Specific details about reserved quotas can be found in the official advertisement.
  7. What is the salary range for Sub Inspector Job 2023?
    • The salary range for Sub Inspector Job 2023 can vary based on the pay scale and the policies of the recruiting organization. Details about the salary and benefits are usually provided in the job advertisement.
  8. Is there any relaxation in age limits for certain categories of candidates?
    • Yes, there might be age relaxations for candidates belonging to specific categories such as SC/ST/OBC or ex-servicemen. The exact details about age relaxations are mentioned in the official advertisement.
  9. What are the career prospects for sub-inspectors after selection?
    • Sub-inspectors often have opportunities for career growth within the law enforcement agency. They can get promoted to higher ranks based on their performance, experience, and additional qualifications.
  10. Is there any training provided to selected candidates?
    • Yes, selected candidates usually undergo training programs to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge required for their roles as Sub Inspectors. Training duration and content are determined by the recruiting organization.