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PPSC Jobs 2023. Are you in search of PPSC jobs in 2023? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article offers comprehensive information about Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs, including details on how to apply both online and offline. Stay tuned for a complete guide on PPSC job applications in 2023.

Are you looking for PPSC jobs in 2023? If your answer is yes, you’ve landed on the right page. This article provides detailed and comprehensive information about Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs, covering everything from online to offline application procedures. Keep reading for a thorough guide on how to apply for PPSC jobs in 2023.

PPSC is actively recruiting dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable individuals for various positions. Interested applicants have the opportunity to apply for roles such as Consultant Urologist, Training Coordinator, Programme Coordinator, IT Coordinator, Environment Health & Safety Officer (EHS), Manager Special Section, Junior Clerk, Consultant Medical Specialist, Consultant Cardiologist, Consultant Neuro-Physician, Paediatric Surgeon, Consultant Oncologist, Consultant Surgeon, and Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon. Candidates are encouraged to submit their applications for these upcoming PPSC vacancies before the deadline on October 4th, 2023

. اس آرٹیکل میں ہم آپ کو پنجاب پبلک سروس کمیشن کی ملازمتوں کے بارے میں مکمل تفصیلات فراہم کریں گے۔ ہم یہ بھی پیش کرتے ہیں کہ 2023 میں پی پی ایس سی کی نوکریوں کے لیے آن لائن اور آف لائن درخواست کیسے دی جائے۔

پنجاب پبلک سروس کمیشن نے 21 ستمبر 2023 کو اپنی تازہ ترین ملازمتوں کے بارے میں ایک اعلان شائع کیا۔ ہم نے یہ نوکریوں کا اشتہار روزنامہ جنگ اخبار سے جمع کیا ہے۔ وہ لوگ جو پنجاب میں رہتے ہیں اور اہل ہیں، چاہے وہ مرد ہوں، خواتین ہوں، یا ٹرانس جینڈر، اس موقع کے لیے درخواست دے سکتے ہیں۔

پنجاب پبلک سروس کمیشن اس وقت محنتی، تجربہ کار اور پڑھے لکھے لوگوں کو بھرتی کر رہا ہے۔ دلچسپی رکھنے والے درخواست دہندگان کنسلٹنٹ یورولوجسٹ، ٹریننگ کوآرڈینیٹر، پروگرام کوآرڈینیٹر، آئی ٹی کوآرڈینیٹر، انوائرنمنٹ ہیلتھ اینڈ سیفٹی آفیسر (ای ایچ ایس)، منیجر اسپیشل سیکشن، جونیئر کلرک، کنسلٹنٹ میڈیکل اسپیشلسٹ، کنسلٹنٹ کارڈیالوجسٹ، کنسلٹنٹ نیورو فزیشن، ماہر امراض اطفال کے لیے درخواست دے سکتے ہیں۔ ، کنسلٹنٹ آنکولوجسٹ، کنسلٹنٹ سرجن، اور کنسلٹنٹ آرتھوپیڈک سرجن۔ امیدوار اس پی پی ایس سی کی آنے والی آسامیوں کے لیے آخری تاریخ 04 اکتوبر 2023 سے پہلے درخواست دیں۔

PPSC Jobs Advertisement 16/ 2023

Updated On 01 October 2023
Organization Punjab Public Service Commission
Employment Type Contract
Location Rahim Yar Khan, Sargodha, Sialkot, Sahiwal, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Multan, Faisalabad
Salary Package PKR, 80,000- 100,000. Est
Vacancies 70+
Last Date 04 October 2023
Address Punjab Public Service Commission, PPSC Head Office, Lahore


Vacant Positions in the Children’s Library Complex in the Punjab School Education Department:

  • Manager Special Section

Vacant Positions in Anti-Corruption Establishment Sahiwal:

  • Junior Clerk

Vacant Situations in Punjab Employees Social Security Institution:

  • Consultant Medical Specialist
  • Consultant Cardiologist
  • Consultant Neuro-Physician
  • Pediatric Surgeon
  • Consultant Oncologist
  • Consultant Surgeon
  • Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Consultant Urologist

Vacant Situations in Saeed Ahmad Awan Centre for Environment Labour & Human Resource Department & Improvement Working Condition:

  • Training Coordinator
  • Programme Coordinator
  • IT Coordinator
  • Environment Health & Safety Officer (EHS)

PPSC Jobs Eligibility Criteria

Gender Required: Male, Female, Shemale
Skills Required: Management, Administration
Age limit: Minimum age: 18 Years
Maximum age: 45 Years
Education Required: Intermediate, Graduation, Masters
Experience Required: Minimum: 1 Year of Experience
Maximum: 5 Years of Experience

Salary Package

  • Minimum Salary: 80, 000 PKR (EST.)
  • Maximum Salary: 100,000 PKR (EST.)

How to Apply for PPSC Jobs 2023?

Interested Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria then need to apply online at the official site of PPSC or through the “Apply Now” button given below.

 Apply Online 

Candidates are advised to pay the test fee by visiting (ATM / Mobile Phone Banking / Internet Banking / the Counter at the nearest 1 Link Member Bank Branches / 1 Link Member Bank (around 37 banks).

Terms and Conditions

  • After the registration procedure, the roll number slips and the test schedule of the written exam will be available on the official site of PPSC.
  • Eligible candidates will be notified through SMS.
  • After the written test only eligible candidates will be called for an interview.
  • Applicants should bring original documents at the time of the job interview.

Incomplete Application:

Please note that incomplete applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Last Date: Application submission must be received by 04th October 2023.

PPSC Jobs Advertisement 16/2023



The Departments of PPSC Lahore are as follows:

  • Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights
  • Mines & Minerals Department
  • Population Welfare Department
  • Planning & Development Department
  • Transport Department
  • Services and General Administration
  • Health Department
  • Industries Department
  • Irrigation and Minerals Department
  • Local Government & Community Department
  • Labour & Humand Resource Department


  1. What is PPSC? PPSC stands for Punjab Public Service Commission. It is a government agency responsible for hiring suitable candidates for various government jobs in Punjab, Pakistan.
  2. Where can I find information about the latest PPSC job vacancies in 2023? You can find the latest PPSC job vacancies and related information on their official website: www.ppsc.gop.pk.
  3. What are the eligibility criteria for applying to PPSC jobs in 2023? Eligibility criteria vary for different positions. Generally, candidates need to have a certain educational background, experience, and age limit. Specific requirements can be found in the job advertisement.
  4. How can I apply for PPSC jobs in 2023? You can apply for PPSC jobs through their official website by filling out the online application form. Detailed instructions are usually provided in the official job advertisement.
  5. Is there an application fee for PPSC job applications? Yes, there is usually an application fee for PPSC job applications. The fee details are mentioned in the job advertisement, and it is non-refundable.
  6. What documents are required for PPSC job application? Typically, you will need your educational certificates, experience certificates, CNIC, and passport-sized photographs. However, the exact documents required can vary based on the job position. Refer to the specific job advertisement for details.
  7. How is the selection process carried out for PPSC jobs? The selection process may include a written test, interview, and, in some cases, a practical demonstration of skills. The details of the selection process are mentioned in the job advertisement.
  8. Can candidates from other provinces apply for PPSC jobs in Punjab? In most cases, PPSC jobs are specific to Punjab province. However, there might be certain positions where candidates from other provinces are eligible to apply. Check the job advertisement for information on this.
  9. Is there an age relaxation policy for PPSC job applicants? Yes, there is usually an age relaxation policy for candidates belonging to specific categories, such as government employees or disabled individuals. The details of age relaxation are mentioned in the job advertisement.
  10. When is the deadline for submitting applications for PPSC jobs in 2023? The deadline for submitting applications for PPSC jobs in 2023 is specified in the job advertisement. It’s important to submit your application before the deadline to be considered for the position.